Every Person Comes Out Tired??

I sure agree. EPCOT sure made me tired. This morning Grandpa Howie came over and we went to Disney World for the day. He say’s Grandma Jo encouraged him to come over and relax for a day. I don’t know if I agree — I think he was somehow driving Grandma Jo crazy and she told him to go away for the day. I know Daddy drives Mommy crazy and she says it’s genetic so that must mean Daddy got it from Grandpa Howie! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, this morning when I woke up we got in the car and went over the WDW. We decided I needed a haircut (gotta look handsome for the Med cruise!!!) so we went to the Magic Kingdom and I got my second haircut. It was every bit as fun an experience as the first time (https://breighton.qseg.org/?p=231). Even if there was a long wait. While I was getting my haircut, Daddy & Grandpa Howie went on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Small World (I did say it was a long wait for my haircut, didn’t I????). After my haircut, we had a nice lunch — I love grapes and apple sauce. Yum! We went back to Splash Mountain and while Daddy & Grandpa Howie were on Splash Mountain, I decided I just *had* to ride the train! So we rode the train all around the park. That was fun! On the way out, we stopped for Dole Whip (I insisted on eating Daddy’s…. I think I might finally have him trained to share. We’ll see…)

From Magic Kingdom we went to EPCOT. We didn’t ride anything over there (except the monorail) but we had fun anyway. Well, at least everyone else did. See if you can guess what I was doing….


I’ve been told this is the entrance to EPCOT and the whole ship is done “Tournament of Roses” style. That is my pal Stitch in the dingy.


This apparently is the “center” of EPCOT (right before the lake as you come in.) Mommy is pushing my stroller. Grandpa is being Grandpa. Daddy is taking the picture. Where is B? Hmmmm.


Oh wait, here I am!!! Catching some zzzzzzzs in front of Italy. I decided to take a nice nap in the stroller. I missed most of the park, but I certainly had fun sleeping.


Mommy made sure to get a picture of the little choo-choo trains! I LOVE them and she knew I would be upset if I missed out completely.


Okay, If Sleepy is in the middle… should Daddy be on the other side of me by Grumpy?? Maybe he is more of a Doc??


I eventually woke up in time to smell the roses…. very important I am told. Everyone needs to stop and get some pollen up their nose… I mean smell the roses! 🙂

I showed Howie all over one I woke up. I led him by his “finnngaaaa”.


We went into a butterfly garden. I saw so many butterflies.


Mom said not bad for a cheap camera! 🙂


The last thing we did at the park was.. BEES! I love “hon-eeee bees” The man taught me that bears don’t eat honey…they eat baby bees. Hmmm. I will stick with the honey.

After the parks we went to Artist’s Point for din-din. I behaved like a champion! 🙂 I enjoyed my Tillamook cheddar Pasta. I played with blue flashing ice cubes, colored a pirate Mickey (and the table), made a pretty sticker collage, and gobbled up a HUGE bowl of ice cream! 🙂 Everyone was impressed that after such a long day I acted so well at din-din. On the way to the car I found a wild bunny. I am good at finding “nature”. I said bye-bye to the bunny and we got the car and headed home.

I watched The Heffalump Movie on the way home, got a very quick bath and was tucked in by 9pm. That was a VERY long day and I am VERY tired. I think I will wake up 2 hours early just to keep Mommy & Daddy on their toes! 🙂

I need a long nap…

Last night I stayed with the baby sitter again. Wednesday is “date night” for Mommy & Daddy. I had fun playing with Miss Karina. We played with my trains, read books, built Mr. Potato heads and lots of other things. I wanted my coloring books from the foyer closet (which Mommy keeps locked so that there are no crayon accidents) but Miss K was too short to open the lock. I INSISTED that “B B HELP” and she picked me up and I showed her how to un-do the lock. She thinks I am a HAM! I even let her give me a bath. She was starting to get a complex because I will NOT take a bath for her. SO, I opted for a good behavior and took out… I was dirty anyway.

Mommy & Daddy spent their date eating a rushed pizza and the going to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s house to rescue ANOTHER alligator (June 20 last year… check the blog). It was far easier this time apparently. The alligator has been relocated down the street in Lansbrook so it can bug other people and not the Koi in my grandparents pond.

Today has been VERY busy for me so far. I had swimming lessons this morning. I did a LOT better today because Mommy hid in Miss Patricia’s kitchen while I was in the pool. I guess seeing Mommy makes me think she will rescue me. Since she was out of sight I had to rely on Miss Patricia and the birds in the trees to save me. I only will float on my back if I see a bird in the sky. Better hope if I ever fall in a pool that there are LOTS of birds around! 🙂

After swim-swim Mommy and I ran a few errands and then went to Gymboree for a new big kid art class. I had fun in the class. We painted a leaf, made a caterpillar and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was a fun class. I was having so much fun and was in such an AWESOME (btw: my new favorite word) mood so we stayed for a family play class. I enjoyed playing with several of my friends. Near the end of class a big 4 year old came running out of a tunnel and put his arms straight out and plowed me to the ground…. KA-THUD went my noggin into the hard floor. It hurt but I was able to shake it off quickly and return to playing. Mommy was upset because the other kids mother took a very lax response to the deliberate “get outta my way…knocking over”. Mommy said the one time I was able to shake it off is the ONE time she needed me to cry a little so the other mommy would be more alert. I am okay, I know it was an accident(not really), but the boy eventually apologized.

Well, I am a bit tired today… all this running and playing not to mention the 3 times I woke up screaming in the middle of the night. These teeth are going to come through soon, right Daddy?? They are all SO close. UGH!

Ready for Broadway

This picture is from last week when I crashed in the car right after swimming lessons. Mommy took it with her cell phone so it isn’t the best.

At music class we are listening to broadway music right now. Last week I dressed for my broadway show and marched with the BIG kids.I sported a police vest, a orange construction helmet and a pair of cymbols! I enjoy the big kids class but I can’t go to it for a while do to swimming time conflicts. Oh well.

Here is me dressing for the show this week. I am a VERY large kid compared to the kids in this class. The girls in pink is 20 months and the boy in blue with the top hat is just over 2 years. Told you I was big for my age!! Today i chose to wear a police vest, a blue pimp hat and ruby slippers. I think I have an AWESOME sense of style. Don’t you??


Somewhat stressful morning…

I’m not sure I’m going to like today — it’s really up and down so far.

I was playing in my room and set off the alarm. Daddy’s going to have to look at that silly sensor and see why I can do that!

Things were great for a while after that. I was all excited about seeing Pishaaa and when Daddy brought in the cat carrier and said we were taking Clover to the vet, I decided she needed all my Mr. Potato Head parts. I helped Mommy & Daddy find Clover and even went behind the TV to get her out for them!

Then we all got in the car (well, not Daddy, he had to work). We went to the vet but I didn’t understand we were leaving Clover there. I’m so upset and cried and screamed and melted down at leaving her behind. I thought she would come to swimming with me. :< The people at the vet tried to tell me it would be alright and we would have Clover after my nap, but I still don't like it. Mommy and Daddy had told me she was getting her teeth cleaned. I'm kind of nervous about that now. I brush mine everyday but I know mom & dad go to get their's cleaned every 6 months or so. I'm sure I'll repress this memory and when they take me to get my teeth cleaned I'll panic for reasons I can't quite understand. Hopefully this entry will remind me why I have an aversion to "teeth cleaning" and "vets".

Dirty Ditch

Grandma Susie taught me my first swear word yesterday. Mommy, Daddy and I went to visit her at work and see the new changes to the place she works. Grandma Susie was walking around with me in her arms while talking on her headset with a customer. I pushed the disconnect button by mistake. Grandma Susie told Ange (her boss lady) that the customer would probably call back and “*itch” because she got disconnected. Well, me being the receptive parrot that I am… said “*itch” really loud and confidently.

Grandma Susie was quick on her feet and took me outside to look at the “Dirty Ditch” that runs along the building. There were wildflowers, trees and some pine-needles. I enjoyed playing in the “ditch”.

Mommy & Daddy came outside to get me after they realized that the shop was WAY too quiet. I brought Ange some flowers from the ditch. (The ditch is really a water runoff area in case of high rains…which we haven’t had in ages so it was nice and dry).

In other news.
Swimming is going well. I still scream bloody murder in the pool but my teacher (Miss Patricia… or Pish-aaa as I call her) is learning to get me calmed down. Today I floated on my back and looked for airplanes and birds. That was fun! 🙂

Mommy and I have been spending a lot of time outside before it gets too hot to do so. Yesterday we worked on my Mother’s Day gifts. Today we played in the sandbox and with sidewalk chalk.

Well, I guess that is it for now.