Ready for Broadway

This picture is from last week when I crashed in the car right after swimming lessons. Mommy took it with her cell phone so it isn’t the best.

At music class we are listening to broadway music right now. Last week I dressed for my broadway show and marched with the BIG kids.I sported a police vest, a orange construction helmet and a pair of cymbols! I enjoy the big kids class but I can’t go to it for a while do to swimming time conflicts. Oh well.

Here is me dressing for the show this week. I am a VERY large kid compared to the kids in this class. The girls in pink is 20 months and the boy in blue with the top hat is just over 2 years. Told you I was big for my age!! Today i chose to wear a police vest, a blue pimp hat and ruby slippers. I think I have an AWESOME sense of style. Don’t you??


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