Pets, Projects and …

As I said, we are around the house a LOT lately. The animals are getting way too much attention and constantly demanding more. Sunshine is a diva. The cats have overtaken the living room claiming it for their own. E and I are knocking out our 4-H project books so we are all done in case things open up in the spring. We enjoyed a few weeks playing with the Mars Base Camp 4-H kit as well.

We had out 4-H awards banquet, I prepared the entire program with minimal help from Mom. It was a fun right with a few hic-ups, mainly caused by another volunteer who tried to change things at the last minute and made them terrible. I wish adults would just let kids try things and not always interfere with their own ideas, especially when the program is for kids and should be run by kids.

I earned an Emerald clover. This is a super hard award to achieve because of all the things you have to do. I completed 3 projects, hosted several community service projects, lead and taught activities at the club, county and beyond. Not to mention all the 4-H activities I had to attend and the contests I had to compete in. It was an amazing year, especially my involvement in the Insectathon and Forest Ecology Contests and placing in 1st place in both.

In other news I am working hard on all my classes at SPC. I am the youngest as usualy but I try not to let others know how old I am unless it is critical. Still holding onto my 4.0 GPA. Orgo is tough and I am working very hard in this class. Physics is the same as the last level. I wish i could learn it face to face vs on Zoom but I am hanging in there. I am happy my orgo prof allowed us to attend both nights now so that is helping a lot!