Every Person Comes Out Tired??

I sure agree. EPCOT sure made me tired. This morning Grandpa Howie came over and we went to Disney World for the day. He say’s Grandma Jo encouraged him to come over and relax for a day. I don’t know if I agree — I think he was somehow driving Grandma Jo crazy and she told him to go away for the day. I know Daddy drives Mommy crazy and she says it’s genetic so that must mean Daddy got it from Grandpa Howie! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, this morning when I woke up we got in the car and went over the WDW. We decided I needed a haircut (gotta look handsome for the Med cruise!!!) so we went to the Magic Kingdom and I got my second haircut. It was every bit as fun an experience as the first time (https://breighton.qseg.org/?p=231). Even if there was a long wait. While I was getting my haircut, Daddy & Grandpa Howie went on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Small World (I did say it was a long wait for my haircut, didn’t I????). After my haircut, we had a nice lunch — I love grapes and apple sauce. Yum! We went back to Splash Mountain and while Daddy & Grandpa Howie were on Splash Mountain, I decided I just *had* to ride the train! So we rode the train all around the park. That was fun! On the way out, we stopped for Dole Whip (I insisted on eating Daddy’s…. I think I might finally have him trained to share. We’ll see…)

From Magic Kingdom we went to EPCOT. We didn’t ride anything over there (except the monorail) but we had fun anyway. Well, at least everyone else did. See if you can guess what I was doing….


I’ve been told this is the entrance to EPCOT and the whole ship is done “Tournament of Roses” style. That is my pal Stitch in the dingy.


This apparently is the “center” of EPCOT (right before the lake as you come in.) Mommy is pushing my stroller. Grandpa is being Grandpa. Daddy is taking the picture. Where is B? Hmmmm.


Oh wait, here I am!!! Catching some zzzzzzzs in front of Italy. I decided to take a nice nap in the stroller. I missed most of the park, but I certainly had fun sleeping.


Mommy made sure to get a picture of the little choo-choo trains! I LOVE them and she knew I would be upset if I missed out completely.


Okay, If Sleepy is in the middle… should Daddy be on the other side of me by Grumpy?? Maybe he is more of a Doc??


I eventually woke up in time to smell the roses…. very important I am told. Everyone needs to stop and get some pollen up their nose… I mean smell the roses! 🙂

I showed Howie all over one I woke up. I led him by his “finnngaaaa”.


We went into a butterfly garden. I saw so many butterflies.


Mom said not bad for a cheap camera! 🙂


The last thing we did at the park was.. BEES! I love “hon-eeee bees” The man taught me that bears don’t eat honey…they eat baby bees. Hmmm. I will stick with the honey.

After the parks we went to Artist’s Point for din-din. I behaved like a champion! 🙂 I enjoyed my Tillamook cheddar Pasta. I played with blue flashing ice cubes, colored a pirate Mickey (and the table), made a pretty sticker collage, and gobbled up a HUGE bowl of ice cream! 🙂 Everyone was impressed that after such a long day I acted so well at din-din. On the way to the car I found a wild bunny. I am good at finding “nature”. I said bye-bye to the bunny and we got the car and headed home.

I watched The Heffalump Movie on the way home, got a very quick bath and was tucked in by 9pm. That was a VERY long day and I am VERY tired. I think I will wake up 2 hours early just to keep Mommy & Daddy on their toes! 🙂

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