The ZOOM where it happens…

This has certainly been a different year so far. Normally we are racing from event to event and out days are jammed with fun learning opportunities, friend time and academics. With the pandemic not seeming to let up yet we are spending a lot more time around the house. Mom has scoured the internet to find fun Zoom classes. In the past month we have had countless 4-H meetings, participated in a fun state wide 4-H at 4 program, and even joined in on a Cornell University outreach on bird drawing.

I will say that because we don’t have to drive all over we are able to have more free time. I am enjoying teaching at different 4-H clubs as well. I have been teaching about photography, insect photography, biological control and more. It is a nice way to do outreach to smaller groups. Emmerson even joined in teaching a segment to support the topic of biological control.

Oh, I even got to attend the Southern Regional Teen Leadership Conference with 4-H. Normally, I couldn’t get away from school for the event so it was super fun to join in from home. So, there are some good things that have come out of the pandemic!