Somewhat stressful morning…

I’m not sure I’m going to like today — it’s really up and down so far.

I was playing in my room and set off the alarm. Daddy’s going to have to look at that silly sensor and see why I can do that!

Things were great for a while after that. I was all excited about seeing Pishaaa and when Daddy brought in the cat carrier and said we were taking Clover to the vet, I decided she needed all my Mr. Potato Head parts. I helped Mommy & Daddy find Clover and even went behind the TV to get her out for them!

Then we all got in the car (well, not Daddy, he had to work). We went to the vet but I didn’t understand we were leaving Clover there. I’m so upset and cried and screamed and melted down at leaving her behind. I thought she would come to swimming with me. :< The people at the vet tried to tell me it would be alright and we would have Clover after my nap, but I still don't like it. Mommy and Daddy had told me she was getting her teeth cleaned. I'm kind of nervous about that now. I brush mine everyday but I know mom & dad go to get their's cleaned every 6 months or so. I'm sure I'll repress this memory and when they take me to get my teeth cleaned I'll panic for reasons I can't quite understand. Hopefully this entry will remind me why I have an aversion to "teeth cleaning" and "vets".

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