IECC BioBlitz and Virtual Meeting

I was looking forward to IECC in Arizona this summer but sadly that too was canceled. They still held some virtual events so I had a lot of fun with that. We participated in the Bio Blitz, even got our 4-H group involved (before they said no more meetings for a while). We found lots of amazing critters, plants and fungus! The bio blitz took is all over the area in search of specimens. We spent time in the local county parks, Honeymoon Island State park, Hammock Park and finally Hillsborough River State Park.

We participated in a trivia night and actually won! It was mainly pop-culture trivia and insect news trivia so it was really fun for me. I am glad we got to connect with some of the members of the group online. It made my buggy heart grow. I really needed it!

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