Bee-Hive Building for the Farm Bureau

We enjoyed a morning of helping and building for a display that will be at the Farm Bureaus booth at the Country Fair in November.

We had a super and a small and had a LOT Of nails to hammer in! A LOT! The room was super loud but we moved to the floor to make our building a little quieter. Now we have to finish paining it and then return it for the fair display! This got our artistic juices flowing and we had fun working on watercolor art at home.
I even made a toilet paper tube microphone!

Karate, 4-H and life

Here is me in my karate class. Normally there are no photos. Several of us went to the 4-H leader training and learned about new programs coming up and about conflict resolution. Zoe came down for the day to hang out. We went to Build a Bear and got the new Anolan Vulpix and then went to Cici’s for games and pizza. We finally cashed in some of the tickets we had been saving and I got an electric guitar. It isn’t high quality but it will allow me to play and see if I like it. We looked at my insect collections! I love to show them off. Practicing jamming! I need to learn some chords!

Fun Filled Week

I got my black stripe on my green belt. So now I am the second ranking belt in the class. I am so excited. The coach uses me as a tackle dummy but it is making my skills improve quickly. E and I finished school early in order to go to Disney this week for a day or two when Dad is in California this week for work. We were supposed to be packing and instead we were hanging out, not fighting, and playing Minecraft. We had a fun class on ukulele at 4-H this week. I think I am resparked with music. At Disney we were able to get on the new Slinky Dog coaster first thing in the morning. I loved the new ride. Everything in Toy Story Land was so bright and colorful.
Be careful! Mom caught a smiling teenager. We spent the afternoon at Animal Kingdom. It was terribly hot outside. We kept attacking each other and dumping water and more water. Soon we were both soaked. After a few spins on Kali River Rapids we were soaked to the bone. But the cooling each other off kept up all day! I LOVE my new popcorn tub! We even got on the new Flights of Passage Avatar ride with only a 35 min wait! The next day it was just as empty. The boat to Magic Kingdom was nearly empty! Main Street was oddly deserted. We loved all the halloween decorations. Small World must have the ability to read our Mickey bands even-though we didn’t have a fastpass. Of course we found insects! Next up was EPCOT. We rode a ton of rides. I enjoyed the new Gods of the Vikings that is in the stave church. We had a great two days and were exhausted when we left.

Day 2 Diving Biscayne

Mom was able to get in the water on day two. She was the first off the boat to make sure she could avoid the seasickness today. We saw more amazing creatures under the sea!

We started with a beautiful stingray!

We were all excited to see Mom and E in the water with us!

Big burr fish!

Hard to see but this is a nurse shark!

The jellies were HUGE!

The motley crew! What a great weekend!