It started out good…

E wasn’t feeling well so he skipped PE this week. I was really in my element and enjoy the games and talking with friends. Our Forest Ecology Team kicked off for the year and we learned about identifying trees and plants. We went on a short hike to try our hangs at some tree ID! I managed to make it until Thursday and started to feel icky. My throat was itchy. Mom made me don a mask and we headed to the clinic. I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and an ear infection. Antibiotics and a lazy weekend were my orders. Our house looks like a drug store this week. Everyone is down and out.

First Florida 4-H Insectathon

This may have been my dream since I was three years old. I have been insect obsessed for years as many of you know. We gathered at the University of Florida’s Entomology department for the first annual Insectathon contest. We turned in out collections of insects and our artwork and moved to our contest rooms. We had different rotations through each category demonstrating our ability at insect id, general knowledge, pollinators, skills at identifying pests and damage caused by pests.  Breighton even gave the senior quiz bowl a crack since there was only one team. Time for the awards. Pinellas County youth did amazing in al the categories. The juniors swept the art division. B got 1st in the intermediate art contest. E did a specialty collection and general collections  and got a blue for both. The juniors also too 1, 2, and 3 int he overall contest. And top team! 🙂 B was top individual for his category but didn’t have a team. I think they got a lot of ribbons! Their hard work certainly shows! One more photo of the contest. Emmerson’s are the 5 on the left and Breighton’s are the 4 on the right. Great job! 

Family Fun Times

Dad and Mom got a pizza oven for Christmas. They have been trying different ways to make them. Dad is getting really good at it. Yummy pizzas! E has been  enjoying his Christmas gifts. I love the new expansion for Exploring Kittens called Imploding Kittens. E opted to wear the silly cone of shame even though he didn’t have to. I also declared dog pile! And sumo wrestler. We gave some love to Hedgie a lot lately. He has been feeling sad but we tried to cheer him up.

Three Long Days of Driving

The amazing Dad pushed hard and drove well to get us home in just around 3 days. It gave us the entire weekend to unpack, unwind and get back to life. We stopped at some fun rest areas to leg stretch. This one needed a new sign. We found some rocks to climb at another. OJ and space suits… we must be in Florida. Worst part of entering through the panhandle is the total drive time Florida. HOURS AND HOURS!

Parade of Floats

We got to go to the Parade of Floats today. It was basically where all the floats from the parade come to park afterwards so the public can come and look at them up close. It was amazing seeing all the things that go into the fine details on the floats. There were long stem roses taller than Emmerson. Pictures made of seeds that were so intricate! We were all amazed with all the designs and work. We jokingly critiqued all the silver leaf on the floats. We still think ours was the best!  It was insanely crowded and we were thankful we got there early! Back to the campground after lunch to pack up and hit the road in the morning to race across the US.