Term ALMOST Over

This has been a crazy term at SPC. With the COVID-19 and everything transformed to online and online live it made for quite a change for me. I miss seeing my teachers. I hate learning on Zoom. I am trying my hardest. Today for Chem I had an extra credit assignment, take a photo of me in a chemistry related costume. What better way to dress up than Sir Martyn Poliakoff. He is the professor from the Period Table Videos.


Coronavirus or COVID-19

Well, a month ago we were wrapping up spring break and the news arrived that the virus has hit the US. This sent everything into a spirial or crazy. Spring break was extended a few days. Those few days became a few weeks of distance learning, those few weeks became the rest of the term and then the rest of summer term too. Mom and Dad have been busy crafting masks, which we have to wear in public now. There are long lines everywhere as you have to keep your distance, 6 feet, from others. The stores have arrows to allow one way flow. Toilet paper is the hot item. Apparently people use more when they are at home all the time. We are under quarantine, it’s been about 6 weeks and things are looking good for a slow open soon. We have taken lots of family walks at home and the parks. We stay home the rest of the time. Mom and Dad do all the shopping and wear masks and wash up when they get home. Restaurants are closed, except for takeout. A lot closed altogether. We still were able to get popcorn from Popical and crappy Chinese food. Pretty much everything is closed that isn’t “essential.”

Learning is all online now, mostly through Zoom lectures. I hate Zoom lectures, I get too distracted and my grades have slipped a little. I should still get all As but it’s a lot of work now. Dad works from home. So during the day we all have our own zones to get our stuff down without disturbing everyone else. I miss my friends. I miss my insect outside. Our summer trips are canceled and summer camps are almost canceled.

This is almost like a really bad dystopian book. Thank goodness school is keeping me pretty busy so I haven’t really had much time to think about all of this.

Some of these photos are just for reminders of what this was like so I can look back at it later.

Easter 2020

Easter was just another day during the quarantine. We tried to make the best of it with some fun treats Mom and Dad had been sneaking in the house when out shopping. It was sad not to see family but we know to keep everyone safe we need to stay home. I wish other people in the world were doing the same. Even on our street there were Easter gatherings.

Giant Mulch Project

We took advantage of some spring break time and cooler weather to knock out a huge yard project. We ripped out half of the old play fort, cleaned up all the trees and raked everything out in the back. The front we killed what grass was left and then we started buying jeep loads of mulch. Mom was at 5 trips when we opted to rent a truck to get the last two pallets. They Dad decided we should mulch the back and side yard too which required 3 pallets and a delivery truck. It was a LOT of work but it came out awesome!

February End to March Middle

We have been having a fun time with 4-H and learning about trees, plants and lots more for the upcoming Forest Ecology Contest in April. We also got out to pick 100 quarts to donate during the Hillsborough 4-H Strawberry event at Wish Farms.

We did a fun climate change hike at Weedon Island with Ms. Libby. I am glad that people re still talking about climate change and pushing for action.

Steven stopped by and Anna stopped by for random reasons and we had a little mini show and tell bug club thing happen. I needed that! This was my last archery meeting since I have classes that conflict with the rest of the meetings in March, April and May.

Oh, Mom also got us sun spiders! It was a lucky find at the pet shop! Yay!