Early Christmas Gifts

Both E and I asked for some insects for Christmas. I got the Life in a Rotting Log kit from Carolina biological. It came with an assortment of critters The millipedes are HUGE. The bess beetles lake 14 different sounds! WOW! I worked on my insectathon art project. More beetles came. We also have mealworms, super works, crickets and pillbugs. Oh and luna moth cocoons! One of the beetles came slightly damaged so they sent us two more. Don’t look at Emmerson’s hand! He likes to let them crawl all over him! 


Okay the concert kept us out way too late and I needed coffee to get going! This is a new things for me! I am trying some different varieties. Today was iced coffee with peppermint, cocoa powder and cream. It was yummy. We had a club archery tournament today. I didn’t do terrific but I had fun. Helping with scoring. Mom said she really enjoyed seeing all the great teamwork! On a side-note, the elves are nothing but trouble makers. Last night Dobby caught them and caged them!

Trans Siberian Orchestra

We went to see TSO at the Amelie Arena in Tampa. It was a nightmare getting there with all the traffic but once we were parked it was super fun. Our seats were only 7 rows back in the snow zone! haha! That means we got artificial snow on us quite often.  The concert was filled with lasers, fire and other pyrotechnics. The music was amazing, the story was great. I am a TSO fan for sure!

Bugs and Bikes

My friend, P, came over to work on our insect collections. We had a great time! Finally someone who loves bugs as much as me! E and P’s little brother played Minecraft to stay out of the way. Over the weekend we went to the Brotherhood Motorcycle parade. It was wicked hot in the sun! E grabbed the umbrella. There were SO many loud motorcycles! It was a very long procession of motorcycles throwing things at us!

Busch Gardens and Conservation Connection Talk

We spent the morning riding rides at BG and had a blast. The weather is perfect and the crowds are few. It is so awesome that Emmerson is finally willing to go on a few coasters. Not many but it is a start! We stayed until the afternoon for a talk about Tropical Aquaculture at UF. I was really into the talk. It was a fun presentation with lots of knowledge of farm raised fish for the aquarium industry. I am finding all these amazing things I want to learn more about!