Crunch Time

This week you can find me with the laptop or books studying for my first ever major high school test. I will be taking the Florida Biology End of Course Exam at the local high school this week. I am nervous but I really know the material. The questions are still really hard since they aren’t very black and white, they draw on knowledge application.

I took time out of the studying to attend my friend’s 10th birthday. I haven’t been to Chuck E Cheese in YEARS! I had a fun time playing games, eating pizza and laughing with my friends.

Don’t tell anyone, I even danced with Chuck E Cheese himself to earn tickets! EEK!


4-H Happenings

I am now a youth ambassador of the 4-H Association Sub-Commitee from Program Development. This means I attend meetings 3-4 times a year to talk about programs or things we can add to 4-H.

We had District Events this weekend. I did a great job and earned a blue ribbon.

I also, on a whim, opted to run for District IX council. I am the historian for the District 9 council. District 9 is 6 counties locally.

Cheering on my friends at the awards ceremony! SPOCK HANDS!

E and I comparing ribbons. He was sad he got red but I told him it was okay, he tried really hard. I felt he should have gotten a blue like me!

Pinellas county had quite a good showing!

Some of the kids from Earth Explorers, Fix-Its and Ochs Garden with their ribbons and awards!




Happy Birthday to ME

Since I will be at a 4-H camp on my actual birthday we had a little party at the spray ground before all my friends scatter for summer vacations.


We had a great time splashing around and staying cool in the water. We enjoyed time on the playground as well.


From MOM: We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. You are kind and caring, even if you are a slight bit LOUD! Your compassion and dedication to the earth is amazing. You are always willing to take on new challenges with gusto. We are excited to see what the world holds for you.




Family Fun

Practicing for the family clown games. Okay, that’s not a real thing. We were just being goofy! DOG PILE!¬†



As an early birthday gift we got some things from BioQuip for insect collecting. I was excited to have all these cool new collection tools and mounting helpers.

Eager to get out and catch some new critters, we loaded the gear and hit the park.

We caught several butterflies. I was really excited to mount them!

We watched a lot of videos and read in books about how to do everything. I am pleased with how everything turned out.

Some of my other bugs!


Silly Strings and Other Things

We spent Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa’s house while Dad worked on a motorhome project. We had a fun walk about the trails collecting bugs and then headed back to swim the day away in their pool.

This week we are spending wrapping up school for the year and cleaning the house. E attacked me with silly string and a huge battle broke out.

The silly string stuck to our hair and Mom has to scrape it out.