Spring Cleaning

Everything in my room had exploded and Mom said enough is enough. She spent a good chunk of the day cleaning and purging our closets and rooms. I was shocked at the end. She didn’t really throw much out other than trash, clothes that don’t fit and a few piles of scrap type paper I had collected.

Weedon Island Salt Pond HIke

Today we went to Weedon Island for a Salt Pond Hike. We got to take water samples from the pier and a few ponds. We used a cool collection contraption.

We checked salinity, water temperature and turbidity. Turbidity was silly to check since we could see the bottom so we abandoned that measurement. We compared the ponds and their circulation to see how life would survive. the Most shallow pond had the highest salinity. I think this was because the water evaporated and there was little circulation with the kayak trails since the water level was so low. It was also the warmest pool, assuringly because it was the shallowest and heated up faster.

Checking salinity.

It was a cool hike as always with Ms. Libby, the IFAS Sea Grant agent.




Catching up

We went to the state fair last week. We pigged out on donuts as usual!

They are SO yummy!

We hung out in the 4-H area for a while and played fun games.

GaGa Ball is my favorite!

I loved the history of candy display this year.

They even had a loggerhead turtle made of jellybeans!

We supported the forest division again. No trees this year!

Sunday was a lazy day and we worked on our sewing projects.

This week we also got a secret master in the mail, Mail order Mysteries. We are trying to solve a case! The letter included a cool cipher we had to decode. With some google searching we found a templar cipher from the day of the knights and it worked!!

Homeschool PE is soccer this month. I am more of a “distractor” than a front point person. I have fun.


We made valentines cupcakes to take to archery. Everyone LOVED them.

Another voice lesson and the beginning of beautiful voices!

It was crowded at archery considering it was Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday we skated at homeschool skate and had another epic battle at Think Geek. Grandma had come to watch so we had a great time showing off our skating skills and saber battle skills!