Owl Update

We have a family of screech owls living in the palms in the backyard. Mom was finally able to get some good photos.

This we think is the male owl. It is an adult but tiny. The males are usually smaller than the females.

Click to see the photo larger and look at those talons! EEK! He looks skinny but isn’t. They can stretch tall to better blend in with tree branches.

This we believe is the female. She is puffy and larger. She is always on guard near the babies.

This is puffy baby #1. It isn’t very visible. The babies sleep in the fronds a bit deeper.

This is fluffy baby #2 and #3. #2 you can see the beautiful eyes and face! To the right in the photo is #3 blending in well and out of focus.

We had enjoyed watching their head bobbing and learning to hunt. We think they are about 5 weeks old as they still haven’t gotten many adult feathers. They fly floppily but are becoming better hunters. They have moved from lizards and bugs and even to a field mouse! Let’s hope they keep getting the rats too! It is possible the babies can stay as long as October! Fingers crossed they all keep thriving!



Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp

This year I got to do the Outfitters Camp. In this camp you earn your bowhunting safety certificate.

I learned this year that kids get meaner as they get older. I was teased and victim of some bullying at camp by some of my cabin mates. But I told Mom “It is hard to find a bad egg in free range chickens, but easy to find one in chickens raised in a coop”. I likened my homeschool life to the free range chickens and the other bullies to those raised in a coop. To survive they became bullies.

Regardless of the treatment I had a blast at camp. I can’t wait to go back to the Safari Camp next summer.

I loved fishing off the T-dock. I caught a few fish this year, finally!

We learned a new game called killer frog. It was much better than the game a few kids in the cabin through was fun (whacking people in the privates!)

We held turtles, snake and alligators. My photo of me with the alligator didn’t come out, at least I was seen photobombing!

We had to climb up and fall out of a tree stand! That was very fun!

All and all it was a great camp! I know my real friend would never treat me like I was treated at this camp by some boys. I am excited for 4-H camp where I can be around those real friends for a week!

We did hear back from the camp director and they are taking action and adding more training on these issues so kids feel and are safe at camp and not victims of harassment and bullying. I can’t want to go back next year!

We are HOME and BUSY!

We got home Sunday and were mostly unpacked by the evening. Dad flew to DC for work and we scheduled a bunch of fun with friends. We enjoyed bowling on another rainy day!

We went to a free movie in Largo and then out to wings at Quaker Steak and Lube.

My pal Zoe came over and we tie dyed shirts.

We got all packed for camp. This is my 12 year old attitude! I turned 12 at camp the other day!

I got my hair cut and thinned for the summer.

We competed in a Fun Shoot at WAC. I got 2nd and E got 3rd.

Mom said my form is looking great, except that darn death grip appeared again!

We have baby owls living in the back yard. They are so cute to watch! We check on them every night.

We spent two days weeding the yard and then mulching! The neighbor helped Mom bring home mulch and then she got up at 6am and spread it out. The front and side yards look great. We can’t do much in the back yard until the owls grow up. We don’t want to disturb them or their food sources.

Hedgie missed me a lot. We had a nice playtime and story time and got him all bathed and cleaned up.

This is E, he is a dork! But I love him do much and he is my best friend!




Back in Florida (Yogi Bear and Intermediate State) and turning 12

We left Canada a day earlier then planned. We passed through customs with no issues other than Mom apparently forgot there were two lemons in the fridge. They took the lemons and sent us along the way. It rained for the next two days. We stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center in Bennington for one night and then another night at Stoney Fork near Wytheville, Virginia on the way home. Both days were very long drives. We arrived in Madison, Florida at the Yogi Bear Campground a day early. We were glad we did! It was near empty and we had the place to ourselves the next morning. We played in the lazy river, went down the 4 story slide, played putt putt and much more. As the weekend went on the place got crazy crowded and busy.

The lake had this cool inflatable you could play on as well.

We had a lot of fun! We celebrated Dad’s 44th birthday at the campground by leaving him alone with peace and quiet 🙂 We did have dessert and sang him happy birthday too!

On Friday some of our 4-H friends arrived in Madison. They spent the afternoon with us until Intermediate State drop off time. It was pouring down rain so we hung out inside and watched a movie and had popcorn.

The rain broke for a bit and we played putt-putt before heading out.

Emmerson didn’t get to go since he wasn’t old enough. He stayed back with Mom and Dad and had fun at the campground without me.

My great friend, Dominic, and I were bunkmates. We had a great time but the cabins were HOT (NO AC) and the bugs were hungry! My legs became their dinner, breakfast and lunch.

We made some new friends and had a great time learning about being 4-H leaders and mentors.

I can’t wait for my other camps this summer!

I turned 12 when I was at camp. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and I secretly enjoyed it! I was happy to be around kind people who cared enough to wish me a happy birthday! I still can’t believe I am almost a teenager!

Campobello Island, New Brunswick

We left St. Andrews and reentered the US in Maine and drove south a bit to reenter Canada via a bridge to Campobello Island. There is normally ferry service but not for large vehicles and not this early in the season. Today was opening day for all the island. We visited the Roosevelt Cottage and learned about their summers and life in the Roosevelt family.

This megaphone was used to call the kids when they were out playing.

The children had a teacher when they were on the island.

We got a kick out of the servant call station. There was no electricity in the house. This was however batter operated.

We explored all over the island. We heard that you could walk out to this lighthouse. But there was a lot of water in the way. We asked around and found out what time we should return to gain access.

The campground was EMPTY!

We had an early dinner and then headed back to the lighthouse. We could see an exposed crossing area and hustled down the stairs and across the slippery rocks.

We found out we had to go up another set of stairs and then down one more. The down was dangerous as it was rickety. Dad held the bottom as we climbed. There were some other people out along with us so we knew someone could go for help if needed.

Finally across and at the lighthouse. We were told it doesn’t open until later in the summer and it was an at your own risk adventure!

We hiked a lot and explored the campground. Mom found this sign in the kitchen shelter.

On Mom’s birthday we had Tea with Eleanor Roosevelt! Not really her obviously! We learned all about Eleanor and what an amazing woman she was. I enjoyed the ginger cookies and tea!

We found some wonderful boardwalk trails through a bog and added to our knowledge of bog life plants and animals. Happy 42nd birthday Mom!

There were a lot of unpaved roads around he island. We explored many of them. One took us to an amazing view! The vistas are quite surreal!

Another shot of the empty campground at Herring Cove Provincial Park.

The last night E was tuckered but the rest of us wanted to hike. Dad and I went off on a very long hike. He let me lead but didn’t correct a mistake and we ended up adding a few extra miles. It paid off though. I got to climb on this epic boulder!

Mom and E took a shorted hike and explored the beaches.