Feeling Crafty

A and W came over to hang out and to get W’s insect collection finished. We made sure he had enough insects, which he did, and helped him get them mounted and labeled.

Then we played some video games while A and Emmerson played Egyptian Rat Slap (card game).

I was eager to knock another project off my list for 4-H. In January there is an insect art competition. I made insects from construction paper and then counted them in a shadow box to look like an insect collection. I thought it was a cute idea.

Then I had fun with scissors when the glue dried.

My final project. Now to keep it safe until January!

Up next was a new stuffed animal called Big Mouth. I learned to pin the pattern on for cutting. It was so much easier this way.

I worked for hours cutting pieces and getting everything pinned. Mom helped a little with the sewing since I was using faux fur and it was difficult with the sewing machine.

We all worked hard all day and Dad wanted Culver’s. We all went along and had a nice ice cream treat as a family.




Insects, Owls and the 4th of July

I think I am finally done with the insect collection to turn in. I worked really hard on it. I am super proud of all the things that I have learned.

We had to run some errands this weekend and swung through Home Depot. They had a kids build of bug cages! Mom even got some extras for the 4-H kids to build.

At home we patiently worked with our io caterpillars. We have to change their branches every other day so they have fresh leaves to eat. I am really hoping the cacoon soon!

All I know is that they poop…. A LOT!


We have been greatly enjoying the owls in the back yard. Mom tried to get new photos whenever they aren’t tucked back too far.



We celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd of July at Spectrum Field watching paratroopers, baseball and fireworks. Grandma jo, Grandpa Howie and  Grandma Susie all were able to join us! It was a great day and evening.

On the 4th we set off the few fireworks we had left. Mostly smoke bombs, poppers, snakes and crackers.

We were all so exhausted that we were in bed long before the neighborhood fireworks started!



Universal Studios Last Hurrah

Our passes expire in a few weeks and we wanted one last day. We arrived early and rode Kong Skull Island a few times. Then a few trips on the pteranodon flyers, probably my last since E is almost too fall for it and I can only go since he needs a taller person to ride with.  We explored the Jurrasic Park area, always my favorite.

A few trips on the Flight of the Hippogryph in the Harry Potter area.

The train we took both ways just to say goodbye.

I insisted that we ride ET. The ride was down but we got to wait in the cool line inside. ET never says my name… he called me FRIEND! GOODBYE FRIEND!

We wrapped up with several rides on the Storm Force Accelerator and called it a day.

The real storms were rolling in and we had a long dive home. It was a great way to wrap up the Universal Passes. I hope we can get Disney passes again someday.




We are Home and back to busy

We made it home in time for my friend Zoe’s 12th birthday party. We had a great time at Lakewood Retreat swimming, ziplining and playing fun games!

On the way out I found a cool star rock. I opted to keep this one and will hide a few in the world to replace it.

Mom took us to the beach since Dad was in DC for the week. We went shell hunting at Honeymoon Island State Park. It was a beautiful day and not too hot. The beach was shockingly empty.

We played with the coquina clams for a while. I love watching them dig.

The storms started to roll in so we left earlier than planned.

We stopped at the nature center, always a favorite. We checked out their shell collection and compared some of the ones we weren’t sure about.

At home we made a LOT of slime. We used elders glue, baking soda and contact lens solution. We added food coloring as well.

I have also been really working on my insect collection. I have been collecting for years but 4-H Has given me the opportunity to learn to pin my collection and display it. I am going to enter into a contest this year!

We had our first marine ecology meeting before the official start in the fall. Mom wanted everyone to get a jump on the studying while we were away for the summer.

We rescued some io moth caterpillars and are raising them. I am hoping to add a new moth to my collection. We let many of the caterpillars go on the hibiscus outside and just kept a few to raise.



Art of the Brick

We took Grandma Susie to the Art of the Brink with us. It was an awesome showing of Lego creations by one artist.

I loved all the art reproductions.

My favorite was the SCREAM!

 I love the Egyptian items a lot.

Breighton imitating art.

A model of the place we visited. There is ever a model of the model in the model! I was impressed!

This is called Hugman.

The line to get in was insane by the time we left. They let people use blue umbrellas to keep off the sun!