4-H Archery on ABC News

Mom was contacted by the news about wanting to do a short feature about the archery program we run. What a great opportunity for spreading the 4-H word. The reported sadly didn’t include all of the good meaty 4-H part about if being a 501c3, youth program, focused on life skills, volunteer led and all the amazing opportunities youth have. Instead he did focus a little on life skills but made it sound like we were all delinquents a little. It was a life lesson for our club about how media can twist a simple story into something that it isn’t quite the same. What happens in the editing room can really change the impact and focus of a story. It was good press for Pinellas County 4-H Archery either way.

Not many people saw the segment since it was trumped by TRUMP and his impeachment trial. The station it aired on went to the national feed during the segment. We were able to see it online and then it was eventually posted to their website.


Sword Casting Guy

We went to a class on Bronze Age weaponry. We learned the history of the weapons that were used int he Bronze Age and the functional aspects and benefits of each type of sword. We got to then pick a blank to make our sword from. We worked with sand and frames to create a blank mold for the melted aluminum to be poured into. My first mold fell short but we quickly fixed it up and recast it. They when the rest of the swords were cast we learned some science of alloys and metals and about tensile strength. Who knew that history and science could be so engaging and hands on, only homeschoolers! haha Since I was one of the older teens, I was elected to help with the final shaping and smoothing of all 27 blades! I put on the safety gear and got a quick lesson in sanding and grinding. I was insanely nervous at first but quickly got the hang of it and was soon a picky professional. I was turning out finely finished and sharpened (slightly) swords for the other boys. We then wrapped leather grips onto the blades to finish them up. This was an awesome event. I highly recommend that you google Swordcasting guy and see if you can get into one of his classes soon. He is from Texas but will come to any area if the demand is high. Someday I want to make a Bronze sword with his program.

Mom’s Foot and Projects

I am in crunch time for my 4-H photograph and collection completion. I have been working on fine tuning everything before SPC classes start back up and my schedule gets packed again. Mom managed to fracture her foot so we have been going slower the last week or so as she heals. This means I got a lot of extra time to work on my collections, presentation, study and prepare for the 4-H insectathon.