Happy 13th Birthday

This week we had a great party for Breighton at Honeymoon Island with some of his friends. Summer birthdays and lots of traveling friends mean it was a small party. We gathered at the beach and had a blast with the kids on boogie boards, riding on kayaks, making sand castles and just splashing around.

We were graced with a small pod of dolphins that kept passing by. Everyone found cool sealife. The cupcakes got a a little melty in the heat of the afternoon. We had them special ordered from publix to match the beach theme. Breighton had a great time as did all his friends. For his birthday Breighton really wanted SCUBA diving lessons. We have him all signed up for later this summer. In the mean time he has a new snorkel set to get some water practice. Over his birthday weekend we visited Grandma and Grandpa in Venice. Grandma Jo made a cake for Dad and Breighton to celebrate both birthdays. You can see Emmerson party in the corner serenading them with his armpit fart birthday song! Happy 13th to our wonderful, bright, creative, compassionate young man. You will take the world by storm!

Fun Sail

We are so excited that this summer we are in town for some of the Fun Sail activities. We had a great time out on the boats. I really enjoyed the kayaks. I was zipping all over the place. E found a LOT of sea life. He had several huge urchins. Lots of hermit crabs.
The highlight of his collecting were a MASSIVE lightning whelk and a huge Florida horse conch. He quickly became the hit of all the kids. Sadly, the weather turned and we had to end the day early. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back to more this summer.

Horticulture and Other Random Things

We are studying, a little, for the 4-H Horticulture contest in June. We jumped on the program rather late so are trying to get a running start from where we are. We visited Landmark Nursery for a morning of exploring the plants. We ended up bringing home more plants for our garden. We also visited the big box hardware stores and checked out their gardening areas. We had a fun time being silly but learning in the process. We attended a meeting of the Brooker Creek Explorers as well and learned from their youth as well as had a mini ID review. The rains have been heavy again so this means many inside crafts and games. I did a knotted quilt for my bed. It came out really nice. Oh, E and I also attended the 4-H state review of the county programs. We got to talk to Dr. Gutter and other 4-H state people about our programs and what is working and not working. It was a great experience. I am enjoying taking on more leadership roles lately in 4-H. I think this will help me in my future when I become a marine biologist, entomologist or just all around science guy! 

Marriott Getaway

We participated in a Marriott Vacation Club preview. We had several nights at a fancy vacation club property near Disney. There were so many things to do that we never left the property! We spent HOURS in the pool, dodging storms. We did all sorts of crafts from jewelry making to candle making and soap making. Our room was HUGE! I had my own private room. E took the living room. Mom and Dad had a bedroom with a hot tub! This place was almost as big as our house! Most of the time it rained. We were fine with it though. The rain cleared out the pools so when it would stop we would head back down to swim. One pool had a GIANT bubble zone. Dad has to run home for work so we enjoyed the last night on our own. We went to an outdoor music performance called “dueling pianos”. We were able to request songs! We sang and laughed along with the silly guys. We entered a fishing derby. After 1.5 hours Emmerson was the only one to catch a fish! There weren’t many other people that entered and we all tied. We each got an icee. We were set for pool scuba class but the rain just kept coming and coming. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. There was a break in the rain right at the end of the window for the day. We spent the afternoon in the pool learning a little about SCUBA. I had a blast and then said I wanted diving lessons for my birthday! I really enjoyed the feeling of being under water so much! All cleaned up and one last trip around the resort for some giant chess. We packed up and headed out saying goodbye to our wonderful adventure. We stopped at the outlet mall to get Dad a few dress shirts. I spotted the BeaverTails food truck! This was a huge hit in Canada and they just opened the day before here! We loved out BeaverTails. Such  great treat to wrap up our fun little get away.