Forest Ecology Contest

As you may know, I have been participating in the 4-H Forest Ecology program since I was 8 years old. In the program we learn a lot about botany, how to identify trees and plants, about insects and diseases that can be stresses for plants and orienteering and tree measuring skills. I have been waiting to be a senior 4-H member to go for the highest award, 1st place and a scholarship to UF. With the virus still running around, the contest was moved to a virtual setting. We did the contest back in April.

I ended up taking first place in the senior group and our team also got first place. I received a $2000 scholarship to UF Cals. Additionally, our team was invited to participate int he National 4-H Forestry Contest in West Virginia. Sadly, the contest was canceled due to the virus.

My time in the forestry program now comes to an end and I will return as an ambassador and teen leader for the program. I learned so many new skills and acquired a ton of knowledge in this program and I am grateful that 4-H invests the time into amazing programs like this.

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