Saying Goodbye to Luna

Well, the time came. It was sad for all of us but we know that we just can’t show her the travel love we have the last 5-6 years. Luna, is still named Luna, and is off with her new owners. Douglas, the dog, is enjoying her as they travel the country. We sold the jeep to the buyers as well so Mom has been without a car for a while.

Mom finally got her new Tesla Model Y. She loves it! I get to drive it now too!

A giant box came with all weather floor mats and Emmerson immediately climbed inside.

Oh we also got a new ice cream maker! YAY!

Dad made the new car, GinnY, fit in the garage. She even has her own power charger so no sharing.

E got a new African Fat Tail gecko too.

I guess all these things that normally aren’t news are the highlight of our covid summer.

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