More Goats, Eggs and Stroller Rides

This morning Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Jo and Hooooowwwwieeeeee took me to Safety Harbor Community Park for an Easter Egg Hunt. Wow! What fun! They had games (which I didn’t play), a petting zoo (this was AWESOME) and a HUGE baseball field FULL of eggs to find. I know that finding eggs in a ball field doesn’t seem that challenging but I am not even two yet! Plus there was a gazillion people there!

I really enjoyed “quacking” (and signing duck) at the ducks and other animals in the petting zoo. There were bunnies, ducks, chickens, turtles, goats (a baby goat too!) and I think a sheep. I brushed all the animals and giggles with childish delight. I really love animals.

(me “quacking” at ducks)

(more ducks…see me sign “duck”)


(a chicken…cock-a-dooooodle-do?)

(saying HI to a turtle)

(itty bitty baby goat)

Then it was time for the egg hunt. I didn’t quite get it at first. I finally picked up 2 eggs and successfully got them in my turtle Easter basket. The next two eggs I grabbed were a different story. I decided to run to home plate and then to the fence with them. I think I understand baseball and egg hunts now. I went back over after Mommy helped me understand the difference and started putting eggs by the dozen into my basket. Then I dumped my basket and started for more. There were a LOT off eggs and a lot of kids, I even ran into some of my Gymboree friends.


(me making a break for the infield)

(Mommy chasing me..)

(now back to the hunting and gathering part)

(lots of people…lots of eggs… lots of happy 2 and under kids…this hunt was just for 2 and under the other kids had different egg spots!)

(I got this now)

(Look I found another and my basket is full!!)

After egg hunting, which I am now a PRO at, we went to Lakeshore Learning (educational store) for a few new toys, then to Mellow Mushroom for lunch and then to Citrus Park Mall to shop a little.

I crashed in the car on the way home (3pm… 2 hours past my nap time) and Mommy successfully got me into my crib when we got home.

What a fun day! 🙂

Topless in Florida

Wait? huh! What!

Last night Ethan came over and we had our usual Thursday night romp in the yard and house. We first ate a lovely dinner that Daddy made. I ate LOTS of broccoli and peas. Mommy and Daddy were VERY impressed with me. I had seconds, thirds, fourths AND fifths of broccoli. I also consumed a BUNCH of strawberries and blueberries. I seem to be a bit more accepting of new foods lately… but intolerant to Mom’s attempts to shove yogurt down my throat.

Ethan and I played “parade” we marched and played musical instruments. I had my harmonica and he had my water flute.


Mommy set up the water table and we splashed and dumped until we were soaking wet. We really enjoyed playing out back. It is a small backyard but we are small people! 🙂 Mommy was smart to limit the play toys to either water table OR sandbox, not both!


Our dryer broke today and Mommy is in a tizzy with wet clothing and Daddy is almost out of big-boy pants (undies). Hmmm, I think we will raid Grandma Jo’s house in the morning to take over her machine! 🙂 At least Mommy isn’t TOO far behind in laundry washing, just putting away!

Music to my Kitties

I have been in a very musical mood the last few days. Big news is that I did VERY well in the big kids music class at Gymboree this week. I participated in every activity and followed all of the teachers instructions. I liked class with the bigger kids better, Mommy did too! I have been tooting my recorder and water flute all week. Mommy even let me play her guitar!!! It was out of tune so I tried fixing it but it just got worse. Oh well! Five more minutes and I would have figured it out but Daddy was afraid I would pop a string and get hurt. I like marching. I march all over! 🙂 March March March! 🙂

March along and sing my song….




Today I am cranky again. Mommy thinks it is more teeth, FINALLY! I just have the 4 canines to cut and then my second molars and I am done for a while… YIPPIE! My mouth is sore and I am not sleeping well again. I feel taller this week so maybe I grew. I am not too sure. Mommy just said I need to get through it soon because I hit when I am cranky. I don’t mean to hurt… i just can’t explain the pain.Mommy is the only one I really hit but I am getting better about it. Mommy & Daddy have been doing a lot of time-outs lately. I am learning my limits and they are learning what battles to pick.

I calm down and then go read books. Books sooth me and make me happy.


This morning I went to playgroup and I spent the entire time in the play kitchen and tending to a sick plastic doll. I wasn’t in a social mood today but I did have a dull whimper through most of my playtime. We came home and I am heading for a nap. Ethan comes over to play again tonight and I need to rest. I have a feeling it will be a short night tonight for playtime.

In other news, I love my kitties. Mommy said she spends more time cleaning up after them lately than me. I guess I have to up my mark for messiness soon! Here is Sneaky Pie (PiePie) sleeping…sorta…evil cat!

Here is hunter looking as cute as ever. (ps: he just threw up…AGAIN!) These cats throw up more than I did as a baby! Clover has some type of asthma and just hacks all the time… like a smokers cough! Poor kitty. She is sleeping under the bed so Mommy couldn’t take her picture.


Zerberts and toes

OKay I am not the brightest crayon in the box today but I had a mostly wonderful day. I got stuck on a box…how you ask. I managed to get one foot under it and one on top… then I couldn’t step up without hurting the foot underneath. Daddy finally helped me… how did I repay him?? TUMMY ZERBERTS! 🙂 I just figured out that it drives Mommy & Daddy just as nuts as it drives me! PAYBACK!

We had no power all morning 8am-2pmish. I went on several wagon rides around the block and listened to Mommy & Daddy take turns yelling at the power company on the phone. Thank goodness we have that big generator Daddy installed to ward of hurricanes. Of course we never need it during hurricane season, only random sunny days. Oh well!

I am tired and heading for bed, goodnight!!

Tomorrow I try again to get a foot in the door at the big kids music class. Hopefully my mood remains calm because I really like the bigger kids and want to try that class. Last week was just bad for me I guess.

Binki Carrots?

So Mommy told me that starting one week after my second birthday that I can no longer have a binki, period! Shhhheesh Mom!

I only use my binki at night time and have been really good about putting it in my bed after I get up in the morning. Today I wanted to keep putting it back in my mouth when Mommy and I were playing in my room. Mommy kept taking it away and telling me “binkis are for night night”. I eventually agreed after she hid SEVEN binkis from me. But i soon realized that my desire to self sooth with a binki needed to be quenched. I found a plastic toy carrot from my kitchen set and made it my new binki. YUMMY! Mommy and Daddy were stuck, they said I couldn’t have my binki during the day so I just improvised.

Daddy said I am just like him. Mommy cried!