Binki Carrots?

So Mommy told me that starting one week after my second birthday that I can no longer have a binki, period! Shhhheesh Mom!

I only use my binki at night time and have been really good about putting it in my bed after I get up in the morning. Today I wanted to keep putting it back in my mouth when Mommy and I were playing in my room. Mommy kept taking it away and telling me “binkis are for night night”. I eventually agreed after she hid SEVEN binkis from me. But i soon realized that my desire to self sooth with a binki needed to be quenched. I found a plastic toy carrot from my kitchen set and made it my new binki. YUMMY! Mommy and Daddy were stuck, they said I couldn’t have my binki during the day so I just improvised.

Daddy said I am just like him. Mommy cried!

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