Zerberts and toes

OKay I am not the brightest crayon in the box today but I had a mostly wonderful day. I got stuck on a box…how you ask. I managed to get one foot under it and one on top… then I couldn’t step up without hurting the foot underneath. Daddy finally helped me… how did I repay him?? TUMMY ZERBERTS! 🙂 I just figured out that it drives Mommy & Daddy just as nuts as it drives me! PAYBACK!

We had no power all morning 8am-2pmish. I went on several wagon rides around the block and listened to Mommy & Daddy take turns yelling at the power company on the phone. Thank goodness we have that big generator Daddy installed to ward of hurricanes. Of course we never need it during hurricane season, only random sunny days. Oh well!

I am tired and heading for bed, goodnight!!

Tomorrow I try again to get a foot in the door at the big kids music class. Hopefully my mood remains calm because I really like the bigger kids and want to try that class. Last week was just bad for me I guess.

2 thoughts on “Zerberts and toes”

  1. How does one define zerbert? Hmmm… Breighton lifts up your shirt and presses his little face against your tummy and blows out air from his mouth…. like a raspberry almost. He laughs and giggles hysterically.

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