Music to my Kitties

I have been in a very musical mood the last few days. Big news is that I did VERY well in the big kids music class at Gymboree this week. I participated in every activity and followed all of the teachers instructions. I liked class with the bigger kids better, Mommy did too! I have been tooting my recorder and water flute all week. Mommy even let me play her guitar!!! It was out of tune so I tried fixing it but it just got worse. Oh well! Five more minutes and I would have figured it out but Daddy was afraid I would pop a string and get hurt. I like marching. I march all over! 🙂 March March March! 🙂

March along and sing my song….




Today I am cranky again. Mommy thinks it is more teeth, FINALLY! I just have the 4 canines to cut and then my second molars and I am done for a while… YIPPIE! My mouth is sore and I am not sleeping well again. I feel taller this week so maybe I grew. I am not too sure. Mommy just said I need to get through it soon because I hit when I am cranky. I don’t mean to hurt… i just can’t explain the pain.Mommy is the only one I really hit but I am getting better about it. Mommy & Daddy have been doing a lot of time-outs lately. I am learning my limits and they are learning what battles to pick.

I calm down and then go read books. Books sooth me and make me happy.


This morning I went to playgroup and I spent the entire time in the play kitchen and tending to a sick plastic doll. I wasn’t in a social mood today but I did have a dull whimper through most of my playtime. We came home and I am heading for a nap. Ethan comes over to play again tonight and I need to rest. I have a feeling it will be a short night tonight for playtime.

In other news, I love my kitties. Mommy said she spends more time cleaning up after them lately than me. I guess I have to up my mark for messiness soon! Here is Sneaky Pie (PiePie) sleeping…sorta…evil cat!

Here is hunter looking as cute as ever. (ps: he just threw up…AGAIN!) These cats throw up more than I did as a baby! Clover has some type of asthma and just hacks all the time… like a smokers cough! Poor kitty. She is sleeping under the bed so Mommy couldn’t take her picture.


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