Topless in Florida

Wait? huh! What!

Last night Ethan came over and we had our usual Thursday night romp in the yard and house. We first ate a lovely dinner that Daddy made. I ate LOTS of broccoli and peas. Mommy and Daddy were VERY impressed with me. I had seconds, thirds, fourths AND fifths of broccoli. I also consumed a BUNCH of strawberries and blueberries. I seem to be a bit more accepting of new foods lately… but intolerant to Mom’s attempts to shove yogurt down my throat.

Ethan and I played “parade” we marched and played musical instruments. I had my harmonica and he had my water flute.


Mommy set up the water table and we splashed and dumped until we were soaking wet. We really enjoyed playing out back. It is a small backyard but we are small people! 🙂 Mommy was smart to limit the play toys to either water table OR sandbox, not both!


Our dryer broke today and Mommy is in a tizzy with wet clothing and Daddy is almost out of big-boy pants (undies). Hmmm, I think we will raid Grandma Jo’s house in the morning to take over her machine! 🙂 At least Mommy isn’t TOO far behind in laundry washing, just putting away!

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