Archery, 4-H, Taller, VP and Telescopes

We had a fun time at archery club shooting at pumpkins this week. I was a great shot. I had to dispose of the pumpkins by the trees and they started to gush into pieces as I was moving them. YUCK! We had a brief 4-H District Council Meeting. I am trying to keep people motivated and going but it is hard. I am getting taller. Almost as tall as Dad. For sure taller than Mom! I am running for VP of Latin Club. I had to give a speech during the monthly meeting. We went back to SPC for the October Skies program. I just love how they decorate the entire building! I was a little scared but I honestly won’t admit that! Okay I will! I was terrified!  SPC had a mini STEM fest this weekend too. I love the rock wall a lot. I learned a lot about clubs that are offered on campus too.

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