Halloween at Disney Fort Wilderness

We had a great week at Ft. Wilderness. The weather was cooler and I got a week off school. Our first day camping we had a fun surprise. We got to go horse back riding! It was so much fun!

We used a new tool for gutting our pumpkins this year! It was very messy but fun! We had pumpkin guts everywhere! I carved Churnabog from Fantasia. Dad made an evil cat like thing. E made a penguin! Our annual photos. Dad had to fly to DC so he missed Halloween propper. The golf cart parade certainly kicks it up year after year!
We had friends camping too this year so loved spending time running around withe them. I entered a donut eating contest and did well but was against the adults.  Some ding-dong had this at his campsite for trick-or-treat! Kinda weird! The haul. We gave up after a few loops. We did the campfire almost nightly. We brought down our own marshmallows. When Dad got back we toured the resorts and even had gingerbread gelato!

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