Joshua Tree National Park and Christmas

We checked into the campground in the middle of 29 Palms, CA. It was kind of run down but we did the best with what we had. I wanted to go swimming badly. The pool was huge, stunk of chlorine but was empty. I swam for a hour and then realized we didn’t bring towels. I toughed it out back to the motorhome. It was about 45F out. In the morning we explored Joshua Tree with Dad for a while. We loved climbing and rock scrambling. There were rocks everywhere! The called this Skull Rock. It looked like a giant ape skull! It took a while to climb up. You can see Es head to the right on my feet in the photo! He was almost up! Sometimes we would get stuck! Now how do I get off this silly rock!E opted to grab Dad’s hand and JUMP! Mom wasn’t silly enough to climb places she couldn’t get out of. Me on the other hand. I was all over! The trees were amazing. I see why there is a national park here. Santa found us on Christmas. The elves toilet papered the tree and caused some mischief. We had a fun Christmas morning. We each got some arts and crafts, legos and Nerf guns. We spent most of the day outside t the campground shooting Nerf darts at each other at point blank range! Obviously I loved the lego set E got me!

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