Final Days in Tucson

Mom took us to Sabino Canyon for some exploring, hiking and a tram ride through the canyon. It was amazing how blue the sky was against the dusty green earth. We hiked a neat educational trail and did a hard scavenger hunt to earn a Sabino Canyon Forest Services patch. The tram ride was great. The roads were super skinny and the tram driver went really fast! We enjoyed some prickly pear lollipops as we voyaged. Everything along the canyon edges was dark brown and lifeless. When we got to the canyon floor there were greet and yellow hardwood trees! There is enough moisture to sustain their life. One afternoon we went to the University of Arizona to the mirror lab to see them making the mirror for the Faint Magellan Telescope that is being built in South America! We learned an amazing amount about the process and all the steps that go into making these percussion lenses. The polishing system was quite elaborate and super fun to watch. After our tour we headed up to Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway in search of snow to play in. We found a few spots and kicked around the snow for a while.  We found a cute little bakery and had cookies and a slice of pizza. What a great way to end our time in Tucson. This was an amazing little city with so much to do. We will have to come back someday to explore more!

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