Wrapping up at Joshua Tree

We worked hard on our books and earned our Jr. Ranger Badges at Joshua Tree National Park. We spent the morning with Grandma and Grandpa driving the Geology Trail in the Jeep. It was a great 4×4 road with no-one else on it. You could hear the wind. It was amazing! Grandpa was a great driver. I am sure he was nervous as the road was kicking us all over but he did well. Our reward for behaving int he car was more epic rock scrambling. Mom couldn’t get us out! How high can we go!
The scenery was breathtaking. I want to come back here again in the winter. I dont think I would enjoy it much in the heat of the summer. Looking for life in the bushes. Mom never figured out was I was looking at or thinking about. She said I looked peaceful! We saw a big horn sheep walk past our path at Barker’s Dam.I found the “idol” in the caves and narrowly escaped a giant rolling boulder. I made some Indiana Jones themed videos. Mom found a few canter berry bells tucked in the rocks. We had a great day out with Grandma and Grandpa in the park. We packed up and found we never did our Christmas crackers. We opened them and giggled with the crowns and silly toys inside. Tomorrow onward to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl HOP!

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