More Tucson

We started out day at the International Wildlife Museum. It was run by Safari Club International. Which basically means it was a museum of stuff that was killed and mounted. It was rather creepy but we had a great time exploring and learning about taxidermy. I enjoyed the birds of paradise exhibit. This is something you dont see in many places. Some of the mounts were really creepy and realistic. The hall of heads was terrifying to all of us. There were many really cool animals but it was just overwhelmingly creepy. Some things like the wild boards were cute. Then there was a display with Christmas lights? How weird. After lunch we picked up Dad and headed up to Kitt Peak for an afternoon dn evening astronomy program. We sat and ate dinner when we learned about the observatory. We stepped out on a break for hot cocoa and saw some awesome blue birds. Our group walked to an observation area dn watched the sun set from the mountain. The temperatures dropped quickly and the winds picked up. We were prepared but were still really cold. We had a wonderful evening learning about the stars and the observatory. The winds were chilly when the dome moved around to look at new star clusters. It was really neat to see it all happen.

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