Tucson, Arizona and Saguaro National Park

We arrived safely in Tucson. We had a wonderful little campground head town. It was small but fit our rig well. There was a building where E and I could hang out and shoot pool, play foose ball or sit and play boardgames. This was great when Dad was working.

Our first night day we spent in Saguaro as a family since it was the weekend. We got to hike a few trails and really enjoy the cold temperatures. We were all freezing but knew it wouldn’t last so enjoyed it. I loved all he cactus. It was amazing how different each saguaro cactus was. I also really enjoyed seeing the wren nests in some of them. We learned that when the cactus  freeze their arms droop. I loved the teddy bear cholla. ALMOST cute enough to hug, ALMOST! Desert life is dangerous!

We visited the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and learned all about the cactus wren nests. We earned our Jr. Ranger badges and saw lots of cactus! My favorite part was the humming bird aviary. There were hummingbirds flying all about. It was amazing ! We hiked up to see the park petroglyphs. They were very neat to see and understand how old they were.  What a great family outing! More to come from Tucson!

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