Off to San Antonio

Mom got some cool new sherpa blankets. We snuggled in for the long drive to California. The miles passed as the pages flipped on the Kindles. We were eager for any rest stops that weren’t for fuel. We loved leg stretch breaks. It was quite cold and we were in shorts since we were toasty in Luna. We arrived safely in San notion for a few nights of rest. We had a list of places to visit but opted to be lazy since the weather was so icky out. We decorated our campsite for Christmas in the rain and found out later that we won a decorating contest! We went to the campground potluck and had a fun time singing songs and eating yummy food. The campground went all out. It was a fun event. We have stayed at the San Antonio KOA before and enjoyed it then too! Our prizes in the contest, a mug and a jar of cookie dough. I was being really goofy and refused to take normal looking photos today. Emmerson took a hundred photos and finally one that I wasn’t being a goof! The elves found us along the road. I am happy they did but I am more happy that they seam to behave better in the motorhome than at home. We had a grand old time at the party. We called it an early night since we were all exhausted. The next day we had great intentions of doing something fun. Mom dragged us all into the car and wouldn’t say where we were going. Mom and Dad took us to Star Wars! We were so excited. It was a great theater. We called it a day after that and relaxed before hitting the road towards Tuscon.

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