Busy Two Weeks

We have had a busy few weeks. We to part time off school to keep up with everything else. I am finished with my FLVS classes until January so this was a good time for a little break. I have been working on studying for the 4- Insectathon in January. I prepared my club level demo on flower parts and pollination. Below is my poster that I made.

I also organoide a District IX 4-H Council meeting and two events for Project LIFE (Living in Florida’s environments). We had some two grad students from Eckard College come talk to the group about microplastics and what choices we can make to help our environment.

We got to see micro plastics in various samples under the microscopes.

We held our council meeting, of which I am the historian. We set up some good ideas for communication and planning events for future months.

After the meeting we did a coastal cleanup in canoes in the mangrove areas around Weedon Island. It was a lot of fun, but I was hungry and exhausted at the end!

Mom went with the non canoe group on a hike around the island. We have been playing with the new camera on Mom’s phone. Mom just LOVES this photo of me! 🙂 I kinda do too!

After the program we high tailed it to Disney. Dad and Emmerson had gone over earlier in the day. I enjoyed a huge cupcake that was shaped like a campfire. 

We went to the campfire singalong.

Our annual photo with one of the chipmunks. Mom and I saw a deer about 3 feet of the walking trail at the campground. We had a fun walk around first thing in the morning.

Dad had to work a lot on this trip but we found fun stuff to do. We checked out all the resorts and played pool at the Contemporary. We loved all the holiday treats and decorations. Some more pool in the afternoon on our loop back. We had an audience this time! We went over to Magic Kingdom for the evening for a late night Seven Dwarf Mine Train fast pass. We wanted to stay for the fireworks but the Main street area hit capacity but the time our fast pass was over. We just gave up and headed home.

The next night we did Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. We all enjoy this one a lot. Mom somehow convinced me to go dance with Emmerson. I growled and mumbled but was soon smiling.

We all really enjoyed the trick roper!

The next day I was eager to get going. E however was being pouty. I just kept hugging him until he came around and was happy.

We left Disney a day early to get home and turned around for the 4-H Archery. We took one of our club members with us on a n early morning drive.
After a few hiccups I started shooting better. I had some equipment issues. I never fully recovered but I still had fun.

The next day was the annual plant sale at the Florida Botanical Gardens. E and I picked out about 20 new plans and some cactus too. We had a early Christmas with Grandma Susie before we had to leave for our holiday trip out west. We got out insect collections finalized for January when we return. We squeezed in some caroling with our 4-H club at largo Central Park. Darth Vader even came and conducted for us!

A little more work on the last few specimens we had drying.

We walked to the park and found the Irma Tree was finally gone. They left the decorations in the field after they chipped it up. We decorated the tree next to it. Long live the IRMA TREE!

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