Gainesville Spider Photography and Museum Fun

Today we spent the day at UF again. We started our morning at the Florida Museum of Natural History. We saw some amazing items in the specialty collection that were in the museum archives. Then we learned from some professors and grad students bout DNA. We even got to extract DNA from a strawberry. It was really cool. We got to take him the DNA in a little vile.

E was playing in the kids area and found this beetle in the wrong collection. Bug humor!

Wwe ate lunch in the NATL and had a nice hike around seeing how flooded it still was over a month after Hurricane Irma.

Up next we were invited to the UF Jumping Spider Lab (Taylor Lab). We learned from grad students and professional photographers about some techniques for photographing insects.

I had a fun time setting up habitats and taking photos.

We need to get a better macro lens for things like this! I am excited to keep trying insect photography.

They even let us take home a few of the specimens we were photographing today!  We brought home a lynx spider, should bug and two golden orb weavers.

Here are some of the photos I took.

Not a spider…

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