I think we have been busy lately.

I had to co-lead a lesson at our 4-H club on knot tying. I picked out all the supplies and stayed un my budget of $10. We used paracode and screw eyes instead of fishing line and hooks so no-one got hunt when practicing!

Teaching our club. 

I finally caught a fish this year! It has been a rough time with cooler temps and stronger winds!

My pal Dominic caught several fish too!

I have been hard at work on my insect collection for 4-H. I have a lot of work to do to get it ready for January’s contest.

Our 4-H club hosted a booth at Farm City day. We taught kids about fishing, fish parts and even had an arts and craft fish printing.

I liked running the fishing pond and giving out prizes to the little kids when they caught a plastic fish! We only had one kid jump into the pool! It was bound to happen! We had a fun outing to the roller derby. I liked it a lot but it was really loud! I want to go back but next time with ear plugs.

We also went to Venice Beach to look for sharks teeth with Grandma Susie and her Cousin Marilyn. We found a lot of shells and sharks teeth. My friend Zoe came down for the day too and we had fun splashing around in the water.

We had lunch at Red Lobster after all the beach fun!

We helped Dad build a new grill this week too! It is neat and runs on little compressed wood pellets.

E is chasing me with the camera again for his class. I am hamming it up for him!

We had a great time at La Nauba in Disney Springs. We saw the holiday decorations first and then laughed and laughed at the show. I really liked the clowns the best!

Mom found a GIANT bag of the pretzels we use for chex mix!

We had a fun shoot at archery for 4-H. What a fun treat for Thanksgiving!

I spent a lot of free time working on a lego village that I promptly destroyed with my tiny nerf gun. I need a bigger nerf gun someday!

We all worked on decorating the Christmas Tree. Yes it is tiny. Since we won’t be home for Christmas this tree will travel with us in the motorhome. We had to tie all the decorations on really well so they don’t brunch off as we go down the road.

I am enjoying my new longboard I got as an early Christmas gift.

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