Disney Fort Wilderness for Halloween

We are all set up for Halloween at the Fort. We love this tradition and look forward to it every year. I was grumpy and Mom was trying to cheer me up. She kept making funny faces at me until I couldn’t help but giggle.

We had a great site this year and had a blast decorating and maki it look all spooky for Halloween. Disney spooky that is. 

We all enjoyed carving out pumpkins. I made Chernabog.

I enjoyed scootering around with Mom without Emmerson. We had a lot of fun exploring. It was all fun until she asked me to take the annual photo on the hay bales. 

Oh how embarrassing! 

Back at the campsite and Dad and Emmerson were still working on their pumpkins. 

All ready for trick or treat! I am going as a steampunk person along with Emmerson. We had candy for 1000 trick or treaters but sadly didnt get that many this year. 

I enjoyed the golf cart parade but I was embarrassed to be sitting with Mom and Dad. 

We had a great Halloween with lots of treats. We spent the next few days in the Disney parks. 

I think I was victorious making Emmerson dizzy on the tea cups.

One morning there was no water pressure and we found out there was a break in the line. We enjoyed watching them tear up the road and fix the leaking pipe.

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