Off We Go…


Off we go on our adventure. We have 8 stowaways in the form on io moth caterpillars in tow. We are hoping that the cocoon soon so we can not worry about finding proper food for them. We brought a huge bad of hibiscus clippings from the yard. We are keeping them moist and in the fridge to last a while.

The first days drive was long. We spent the day reading on our kindles and settling in for the long journey across the entire country.

We made it to the panhandle of Florida to a town called Holt. Grandma and Grandpa arrived a little after us with their motorhome. It will be a fun adventure traveling with them.

We stayed at a really nice wooded campground called River’s Edge. It was nothing fancy but a place to rest for the night. We headed off with our bug gear in search of some new specimens for our collection. We caught a few new critters and then spent the evening before bed getting everything pinned.




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