Feeling Crafty

A and W came over to hang out and to get W’s insect collection finished. We made sure he had enough insects, which he did, and helped him get them mounted and labeled.

Then we played some video games while A and Emmerson played Egyptian Rat Slap (card game).

I was eager to knock another project off my list for 4-H. In January there is an insect art competition. I made insects from construction paper and then counted them in a shadow box to look like an insect collection. I thought it was a cute idea.

Then I had fun with scissors when the glue dried.

My final project. Now to keep it safe until January!

Up next was a new stuffed animal called Big Mouth. I learned to pin the pattern on for cutting. It was so much easier this way.

I worked for hours cutting pieces and getting everything pinned. Mom helped a little with the sewing since I was using faux fur and it was difficult with the sewing machine.

We all worked hard all day and Dad wanted Culver’s. We all went along and had a nice ice cream treat as a family.




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