New Orleans

Another 5 hours of driving and we arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana. We stayed at the French Quarter RV park. We unhitched faster than lightning and then headed across town to Hansen’s Sno-Bliz. They have THE best snow cones. We have been here several times on previous trips. We arrived a little bit before they opened and watched the line grow insanely long after us. Emmerson watched the sno-bliz machine with excitement. Sno-cones aren’t really his thing. He is holding out for beignets.

After snow-bliz we dropped the cars at the campground and walked to the French Quarter in search of beignets. The walk wasn’t too far, about a mile. We opted to walk up and look at the mighty Mississippi. Unfortunately, we got caught in a massive rain storm. We caught cover and stayed mostly dry. Except for Breighton who found it entertaining to run around and try to catch the rain in his mouth.

We finally made it to beignets. The place Emmerson really liked was out of business. We opted for a few servings from Cafe Du Monde, not our favorite. Mom snagged a table quickly and our orders were up quickly.

We wandered around the quarter when we were done snacking. Dad took us all to a place called M.S. Rau Antiques. Boy was this place AWESOME! They has a $1.4 million chess set! We really loves this $300,000 cabinet that was played violins! The staff member even played it for us! WOWZERS!  

We had a nice seafood dinner out and then hit the swimming pool at the campground. B and E got into a larger disagreement over the pool toys so swimming ended earlier than planned.

In the morning David and Emmerson got up early and walked to the French Quarter for beignets from a different place. Success! Mom and Breighton headed to Lowe’s to purchase a few hibiscus plants for the caterpillars.

We all magically met up at the Audubon Insectarium about 5 minutes before they opened. We loved looking at all the fun insects in their collections. They had some neat old collecting equipment as well. We all loved the frog beetle. We popped out heads up in the cockroach room. Then on to the best part. They have a bug kitchen! You can try all different items withe bugs in them. Breighton stuck to the sweet items. Emmerson avoided this experience with gusto! Somehow Grandma and Grandpa even got suckered in to trying the bugs! The result…not too bad! Even going back to try a few more samples! Dad snuck away as there was NO WAY he was eating any of them! Mom enjoyed the classic board game area display. Remember Tickle Bee? The butterfly garden was also a treat but it is nothing compared to the one back in Gainesville!


One more evening trip to get beignets and a leaky faucet in the motorhome bathroom and we bring a wrap to New Orleans. Don’t worry we had to run out and buy a new faucet and install it! What a chore!

We say goodbye to new Orleans, we never know how the hurricanes will spare you. Hopefully you are here for our next voyage!

Random Emmerson selfie…


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