Insects, Owls and the 4th of July

I think I am finally done with the insect collection to turn in. I worked really hard on it. I am super proud of all the things that I have learned.

We had to run some errands this weekend and swung through Home Depot. They had a kids build of bug cages! Mom even got some extras for the 4-H kids to build.

At home we patiently worked with our io caterpillars. We have to change their branches every other day so they have fresh leaves to eat. I am really hoping the cacoon soon!

All I know is that they poop…. A LOT!


We have been greatly enjoying the owls in the back yard. Mom tried to get new photos whenever they aren’t tucked back too far.



We celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd of July at Spectrum Field watching paratroopers, baseball and fireworks. Grandma jo, Grandpa Howie and  Grandma Susie all were able to join us! It was a great day and evening.

On the 4th we set off the few fireworks we had left. Mostly smoke bombs, poppers, snakes and crackers.

We were all so exhausted that we were in bed long before the neighborhood fireworks started!



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