Universal Studios Last Hurrah

Our passes expire in a few weeks and we wanted one last day. We arrived early and rode Kong Skull Island a few times. Then a few trips on the pteranodon flyers, probably my last since E is almost too fall for it and I can only go since he needs a taller person to ride with.  We explored the Jurrasic Park area, always my favorite.

A few trips on the Flight of the Hippogryph in the Harry Potter area.

The train we took both ways just to say goodbye.

I insisted that we ride ET. The ride was down but we got to wait in the cool line inside. ET never says my name… he called me FRIEND! GOODBYE FRIEND!

We wrapped up with several rides on the Storm Force Accelerator and called it a day.

The real storms were rolling in and we had a long dive home. It was a great way to wrap up the Universal Passes. I hope we can get Disney passes again someday.




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