We are Home and back to busy

We made it home in time for my friend Zoe’s 12th birthday party. We had a great time at Lakewood Retreat swimming, ziplining and playing fun games!

On the way out I found a cool star rock. I opted to keep this one and will hide a few in the world to replace it.

Mom took us to the beach since Dad was in DC for the week. We went shell hunting at Honeymoon Island State Park. It was a beautiful day and not too hot. The beach was shockingly empty.

We played with the coquina clams for a while. I love watching them dig.

The storms started to roll in so we left earlier than planned.

We stopped at the nature center, always a favorite. We checked out their shell collection and compared some of the ones we weren’t sure about.

At home we made a LOT of slime. We used elders glue, baking soda and contact lens solution. We added food coloring as well.

I have also been really working on my insect collection. I have been collecting for years but 4-H Has given me the opportunity to learn to pin my collection and display it. I am going to enter into a contest this year!

We had our first marine ecology meeting before the official start in the fall. Mom wanted everyone to get a jump on the studying while we were away for the summer.

We rescued some io moth caterpillars and are raising them. I am hoping to add a new moth to my collection. We let many of the caterpillars go on the hibiscus outside and just kept a few to raise.



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