Campobello Island, New Brunswick

We left St. Andrews and reentered the US in Maine and drove south a bit to reenter Canada via a bridge to Campobello Island. There is normally ferry service but not for large vehicles and not this early in the season. Today was opening day for all the island. We visited the Roosevelt Cottage and learned about their summers and life in the Roosevelt family.

This megaphone was used to call the kids when they were out playing.

The children had a teacher when they were on the island.

We got a kick out of the servant call station. There was no electricity in the house. This was however batter operated.

We explored all over the island. We heard that you could walk out to this lighthouse. But there was a lot of water in the way. We asked around and found out what time we should return to gain access.

The campground was EMPTY!

We had an early dinner and then headed back to the lighthouse. We could see an exposed crossing area and hustled down the stairs and across the slippery rocks.

We found out we had to go up another set of stairs and then down one more. The down was dangerous as it was rickety. Dad held the bottom as we climbed. There were some other people out along with us so we knew someone could go for help if needed.

Finally across and at the lighthouse. We were told it doesn’t open until later in the summer and it was an at your own risk adventure!

We hiked a lot and explored the campground. Mom found this sign in the kitchen shelter.

On Mom’s birthday we had Tea with Eleanor Roosevelt! Not really her obviously! We learned all about Eleanor and what an amazing woman she was. I enjoyed the ginger cookies and tea!

We found some wonderful boardwalk trails through a bog and added to our knowledge of bog life plants and animals. Happy 42nd birthday Mom!

There were a lot of unpaved roads around he island. We explored many of them. One took us to an amazing view! The vistas are quite surreal!

Another shot of the empty campground at Herring Cove Provincial Park.

The last night E was tuckered but the rest of us wanted to hike. Dad and I went off on a very long hike. He let me lead but didn’t correct a mistake and we ended up adding a few extra miles. It paid off though. I got to climb on this epic boulder!

Mom and E took a shorted hike and explored the beaches.

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