St. Andrews, New Brunswick

This has to be one of our favorite destinations so far in our travels. This is the second year we have come to the little town on the water. It is so laid back, great food, lots to do and the people are so kind.

We immediately stocked up on Kinder Eggs and set to eating them (you can’t bring them back to the US).

Then we hit the low tide area. We played for hours out on the rocks and the tide pools.

The first full day we packed in a lot of touristing. We visited Wild Salmon Nature Center and learned about how they are trying to preserve wild Atlantic Salmon.

The trails at the center are beautiful. The weather was dry but brisk still.

I could have spent hours here looking out at the water.

Up next was the Gonong Chocolate Factory tour. We enjoyed watching people hand dip chocolate. E and I raced at packing chocolates.

There were all you can eat samples in the museum. I stuffed my face!

After lunch we visited the Huntsman Aquarium. I love the tide pool touch tank. The water is ice cold but they have some really interesting animals in the pool.

We left Grandma and Grandpa downtown with their car and we walked home. Mom wanted to see the lighthouse and then I wanted to walk the beach path back to the campground.

We played outside on the rocks at our “paint making factory” smashing shells, flowers and rocks. We had 6 different colors of “paint”.

Such teamwork!

The last day we opted to drive across the ocean floor to Ministers Island. At low tide there is a gravel bridge that appears. We waited for the guide and then headed across.

Mom was nervous and didn’t want to sink Baymax!

We toured the historic residence and learned a lot about the history of the island.

I was more impressed with the GIANT billiards table and the tale of the pool shark butler.

The Van Horne Family even had a pool hours and carved a pool out of the rocks! It has since been filled in.

This is the old pool.

We grabbed some fresh seafood on the way home.

Our final day was laundry and the farmers market. I got some school work done while the laundry ran. It was raining outside so we weren’t missing anything anyway.

The campground was still empty since it was early in the season. We had two very nice spaces.

Here are some of the critters E and I found on our many beach excursions.

We said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa as they headed towards Nova Scotia and we headed back through Maine to Campobello Island. After the fun I was EXHAUSTED. I slept most of the morning away on our next drive.




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