Back in Florida (Yogi Bear and Intermediate State) and turning 12

We left Canada a day earlier then planned. We passed through customs with no issues other than Mom apparently forgot there were two lemons in the fridge. They took the lemons and sent us along the way. It rained for the next two days. We stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center in Bennington for one night and then another night at Stoney Fork near Wytheville, Virginia on the way home. Both days were very long drives. We arrived in Madison, Florida at the Yogi Bear Campground a day early. We were glad we did! It was near empty and we had the place to ourselves the next morning. We played in the lazy river, went down the 4 story slide, played putt putt and much more. As the weekend went on the place got crazy crowded and busy.

The lake had this cool inflatable you could play on as well.

We had a lot of fun! We celebrated Dad’s 44th birthday at the campground by leaving him alone with peace and quiet 🙂 We did have dessert and sang him happy birthday too!

On Friday some of our 4-H friends arrived in Madison. They spent the afternoon with us until Intermediate State drop off time. It was pouring down rain so we hung out inside and watched a movie and had popcorn.

The rain broke for a bit and we played putt-putt before heading out.

Emmerson didn’t get to go since he wasn’t old enough. He stayed back with Mom and Dad and had fun at the campground without me.

My great friend, Dominic, and I were bunkmates. We had a great time but the cabins were HOT (NO AC) and the bugs were hungry! My legs became their dinner, breakfast and lunch.

We made some new friends and had a great time learning about being 4-H leaders and mentors.

I can’t wait for my other camps this summer!

I turned 12 when I was at camp. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and I secretly enjoyed it! I was happy to be around kind people who cared enough to wish me a happy birthday! I still can’t believe I am almost a teenager!

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