Red Apple Campground in Arundle, Maine (Kennebunk area)

We arrived in Maine and settled in to Red Apple Campground. We had sites next to each other in a quiet, peaceful part of the campground.

When in Maine, you eat LOBSTA! LOBSTA should be delivered in a classic red truck! I was super excited of this yummy goodness.

Dinning in. We got a few too many 2 lb lobsters. We all had a great time eating them though!

Boy Grandma and Grandpa must have been HUNGRY! hehe

We went separate directions a few times in Kennebunk. We opted for a day of hiking at Mt. Agamenticus. The trail was beautiful but the bugs were a bit annoying. As long as we kept moving we were fine.

There were some awesome tent caterpillars!

We loved the rock side of the trail and enjoyed the scrambling nature of the trail.

The lookout tower was epic. We could see for miles!

Afterwards we went to Palace Playland to walk around. The carnival didn’t open for another 2 weeks but we had fried dough with powdered sugar and enjoyed a walk around the area.

The rain came in along with some really cold weather. We spent a lot of the evenings playing games in the camp rec hall.

Free air hockey was our favorite along with fooseball.

We even got Grandma Jo to play!

We had lobster nightly at the campsite but the last night was gross and rainy. We had our lobster at the rec hall and invited a couple that Grandma and Grandpa met. The campground owners set up table clothes and flatware and buckets for scraps. It was above and beyond! It was so amazing and homey. After our lobster the owners of the campground even offered us some pastries they had in the fridge.


Goos thing we are moving along tomorrow. I don’t know if I can eat more lobster. Oh wait, yes I can!



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