Washington, D.C.

It was nice to arrive in DC to some cooler weather. We helped Grandma and Grandpa get to Ford’s Theater and then we went off and explored until it was time to pick them up. We visited the Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Once we picked up Grandpa Howie and Grandma Jo we visited the Natural History Museum. I loved the butterfly garden and the Orkin insect area.

The butterflies liked Grandpa’s head!

The next day we hit the National Zoo! It was a LOT of walking! We spent the entire day at the zoo and had a lot of fun seeing the animals.

Last visit I had to take a photo with all the statues, same this visit!

Up next was an early morning start at the US Botanical Gardens with a photo op at the US Capitol.

We had a quick lunch at the Native American Museum. Grandma and Grandpa went to explore the museum while we went tot he kids are to explore. We have been here several times and wanted to play with the giant igloo since there were no school kids around!

After lunch we walked to the Ford’s Theater for a show called Ragtime. It was an emotional story and we all enjoyed it very much!

Since Dad had to work so late E and I were tasked with making dinner. I learned to make chicken strips. They were parmesan and panko breaded.

E cut up and mashed strawberries for dessert.

The next day we started at the Air and Space Museum. Finally the place to do Spock Hand!

We love the area on principles of flight.

We even got to be in a show about the ISS.

We took the Metro up to the White house. There weren’t many protestors out other than the group that has been there for 20+ years.

We were more interested in the cicada holes all over the place. We were on the HUNT!

We found one at the Metro station. But Mom and Dad had us get up early in the morning and head outside at the campground the next day. We loaded up on Brood X cicadas that emerged a wee bit early! They missed there mark by 2 years.

Off to Maine next!


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