Paynes Prairie Preserve

We have Luna all loaded and hit the road. We stopped for two nights in the Gainesville area to shake down Luna and make sure we were ready for the trip.

We enjoyed a trip to the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo. The peacocks were really aggressive and followed us all over the place.

We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the animals. We beat the school groups so it was nice and quiet. We even got to watch one of the peacocks try to chase a cervil.

Up next was the Florida Museum to explore. I loved visiting the exhibits and exploring the entomology pinning and collection area though the window.

We went on several long hikes in the Micanopy area and collected some new specimens. We spent the evening at the campground working on pinning and mounting all the collected items. I caught a thread wasted wasp!

We wrapped up and said goodbye to Gainesville. We are enroute to Washington DC. We tried out all the seats and enjoyed some downtime while Dad drove.

I was promoted to co-pilot for a few hours.

Mom and E sat on the sofa and made silly faces at each other for a while.



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