Kouchibougauc Day 1

Say that 10 times really fast. Okay, how about ONCE! The front of the Kouchibouguac guide claims it is “Difficult to pronounce…impossible to forget.” We arrived after lunch and settled into our huge campsite.

We went around seeking WIFI and cell signal but were unsuccessful. The park has apparently had issues with their WIFI for over a year and it isn’t fixed. There are spots with cell phone but they are sporadic.

We explored the amazing visitors center. We found more red chairs!


We hung out with the locals. They were a little stiff! So we stole some berries and hurried off to explore more.



We found a program about Mi’kmaq Dances and spent 1.5 hours learning about different types of dances and outfits that were worn for each dance. It was very complex but we had a lot of fun watching Mr. Cody show us the Grass Dance.




We came home and had dinner and waited out a rain storm before heading back out down the footpath to the evening campfire circle. It was about a kilometer from he campsite down the trail but the weather was cool because of the storm. The campfire was held at a lovely spot on the beach. We learned about the native people and how they got about, farmed, fished and shared stories.




The walk back we opted to take the beach as far as we could. I was really glad we did the sunset was amazing!




We saw moon snails all over the place in the water.


We found out lobster season starts here in a few days so we saw all the boats loading their lobster pots in preparation for Tuesday morning when they depart to set their traps. There were over 40 boats in the harbor just loaded and waiting.

Many of the water activities are canceled Tuesday and Wednesday to allow the boats to move around freely in the water without having to worry about canoes, swimmers and kayakers.


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