Kouchibouqauc Day 2

Today was a very busy day. We were up early and packing lunches. We started our day at the visitors center trying to get into a Voyager Canoe program but it was one of the canceled programs because of lobster season. We finished up our Explorer books and earned our dog tags. We are over 20 dog tags so far this summer.

We headed back to the giant wigwam for a Wigwam Gathering. We spent 2 hours learning more about the Migmag culture and how much the Canadian government mistreated the people. Their culture was stripped from them and their stories lost but they are trying to recover. Many Migmag are impoverished, families are torn apart and drugs and alcohol are common. It seems to be very similar as to the Navajo and other tribes that were forced from their land.

The elder that ran the program was wonderful and told great stories and fables. We learned about why a crow is bluish.


After lunch we went to Kelly’s Beach for a Learning Quest about mussels. We learned oaf the types of mussels that they have, how they are harvested and how they are protected. After the class we wandered to the tent and found our guides for the next two hours of fun. We did a program on Lagoon Life. We each were given a net and bin and sent into the lagoon waters in search of critters.




We quickly amassed a huge bin full of sealife. We had rock crabs, hermit crabs, shrimp, a baby lobster, a few fish, several moon snails, side-swimmers and several other critters.

We shared extras with the other kids and families.





After a long day outside we came back and got showers and did some laundry. Tonight is movie night. We are looking forward to some quiet time. All the lobster boats look ready to roll Tuesday at 4am when the season starts!



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