Prince Edward Island

This morning we did chores and then headed back to Green Gables.


We hiked the haunted woods trail and told spooky stories as we walked.



Then we visited the site of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s home when she was on PEI. There isn’t much left but you can see the landscapes and beautiful trees and gardens and fields that inspired the setting for her stories.


We met Anne and discussed hair. She was admiring our long hair and said that once she had died her hair and it was horrible so she had to cut it short and it has taken a long time to grow out. We all laughed as this was one of Anne’s memorable mistakes from Anne of Green Gables.


We followed Anne to the barn where we learned how to dip candles. We were first in line so made our candles and then got out of the way because a huge crowd had formed.



We spent the early evening at The Boardwalk exploring. We looked in all the stores but only bought an ice cream from a place called “Cows”. It is really famous on PEI and they had a shop with hilarious T-shirts like Cow Wars, PokeMoo and others.

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