Prince Edward Island- Charlottetown

This morning we drive to Charlottetown, PEI to explore the city. It was surprisingly quite a large city. We parked and headed towards Province House. We found this cool little mouse statue in the courtyard of the Province House.


The Province House is undergoing renovations so we were directed to the Confederation Center of the Arts Building next door. We sat at the huge table that is a replica of the original meeting house back in 1864. We learned about how Canada was fighting to join and make a stronger nation in the 1800s in fear that the Americans would attack after the Civil War ended.

PEI was the meeting place for these talks and spoke to have their voice heard.


When we finished inside we walked outside to members of the arts center singing. It was beautiful but got crowded quickly and we wanted out of the sun so we wandered back to Province House to turn in our books. We loved the giant 1864 art installation to remind people of the year the meetings took place at Province House.




We turned in out books and got our dog tags and then did a green screen photo. We picked Green Gables for our photo.


We stumbled into a concert of sorts in the courtyard and grabbed seats not knowing what to expect. The program was called Voices of Canada and was put on by a Youth Guild from the area. The were amazing. Everyone sang, danced and played musical instruments. The program was about what is it like to be Canadian and having an identity.


It started with some traditional songs, moved on to Weird Al’s “Candadian Idiot”, some Great Big Sea and Barenaked Ladies tunes and then more traditional songs. It was a spectacular hour of FREE entertainment!





We were heading back to the car and found another live performance at Province House. It was a reenactment of some of the talked from 1864 where the citizens of PEI were trying to have their voices heard before agreeing to join with the others to form the new Canada.





After the show we went to a local park on the water to explore and see the Prince Edward Battery. We noticed everyone staring at their phones and figured out it was a massive Pokemon Go stop. We joined in and spent the next hour capturing some Pokemon we didn’t have and stocking up on pokeballs.





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