Battery Provincial Park in St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia

We arrived early to the campground since we got off the ferry so quickly. They told us the people weren’t off the site yet but we could go park the motorhome in a spot near our site. When we got unhitched and parked Mom saw the campground host, who just happened to be at our site, and wandered over to say hello. She jokingly asked how long until he people would be off so we could plan our day. Well, they thought they left the next day! OOPS! After working out some bumps with the front office we were able to swap to another site. It is #30 on top of a hill with a spectacular view.  The space was HUGE as well.


The view out the back bedroom.


We are still amazed with our luck given that the campground was so packed they had people in temp sites along the roads.


Even the entrance had units tucked in all open areas they could fit.


This WAS our site we were supposed to be on. It is unlevel, small and no real view as it was all trees in front.


We drove (although we could have walked) over to St. Peter’s Canal NP. We watched tons of lion’s mane jellies in the water.



We waited for a boat to come through the canal and locks.


Our patience paid off and a huge sailboat came chugging along through the swing bridge first.



We ran to the locks to watch the boat go through.


When they entered the locks and tied up to the side for their “dip”.


Once the level lowered they untied and cruised off into the lake.


We had a campfire and s’mores and hotdogs (well MOM had a hotdog) and played around the campsite the rest of the day. Near sunset we were invited to a impromptu musical even at the teepee neat the campground hosts. A man, who happens to be an Elvis impersonator, was staying at the campground for the night. They convinced him to put on a show! It was awesome we sang along and clapped and had a great time.




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