Battery Park Exploring

This morning we headed back down to the canal and locks to go fishing. The found out the campground loans poles so we were all set. You don’t need bait just a shiny something on the lure. We would challenge the lack of bait! We tried and tried. We followed the directions of how to “jig” and no luck.


We tried and tried for quite a while.



Mom and I together caught this awesomely cool squid tentacle. Just the tentacle. Sorry Mr. Squid.


We had fun watching the sailboats tie up on the bollards in the locks.


We enjoyed our day.


We watched some crazy scuba divers jump off the 10 foot high wall. Mom was worried there would be the need for emergency care. They were older men who looked in no condition to scuba diva let alone off a high wall.


We had lunch and then went out for ice cream and came back and enjoyed the breeze at the site.



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