Ferry from Argentina, Newfoundland to Sydney, Nova Scotia

We left St. John’s with plenty of time to space to get to the ferry terminal in Argentina, Newfoundland. We arrived and were one of the first units in the lot. We checked in at the gate and then proceeded through the “spray down” building. They spray to remove Newfoundland “dirt” that is apparently a risk to agriculture if brought back. Mom things it was just because there weren’t really car washes in Newfoundland.

The ferry looks huge compared to the Apollo to Labrador.




Mom successfully navigated the ferry and parker perfectly. They waved her within a few inches of the white car but left ample room to get out the door! We were parked right just to the lead for the Fantasy RV Tour group we have been playing leapfrog with for the last 4 weeks.


We went and found our cabin and dropped out belongings and then set out to explore. The amenities were nicer of this Atlantic Vision  than the last few ferries. The lodge reminded us of a Disney ship. We made some friends and sat and played games on our phones and talked video games for a while.


We were first in line for the Eggs Buffet. They don’t serve eggs at night. We had some yummy food and it was well worth the $11.50 for a kids dinner and $22.50 for an adult. We stuffed our faces with veggies, fruit, meats and desserts. Lots of desserts!


The ship then had movies showing in the theater. We raced down to get chairs for Wreck-it-Ralph.


After the movie we walked around a bit and then headed to the cabin or the evening. It was so foggy outside the fog horn was blowing every few minutes. Mom said it was peaceful and she fell right asleep. We did as well.


Up early with the sun and off to explore without the fog.


We were happy we weren’t on the exposed deck. The cars were very moist looking, either fog or sea spray.


We had some milk and granola bars and then hit the game lounge. We checked out Battleship and passed the last few hours playing that.




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