St. John’s Exploring

Today we headed back to Signal Hill to see the Tattoo. Thankfully the fog lifted a little and the rain held off a bit. We watched the different youth regiments march onto the field.



The band played several songs and then marched off and the rifle squad came on. They did a firing demonstration.


The third group were the soldiers undergoing training exercises with fake mustard gas. They shot from the prone position as well as a machine gun off in the far back.


We had a great time.


Next we drove back to Cape Spear hoping to see the lighthouse without all the fog. No dice! We ate lunch in the parking lot and grabbed our XPlorer books and were off.


We found lots of secret entrances to the bunkers.


We visited the site labeled  as the “Most Easterly Place in North America”. This is now disputed but it was neat nonetheless. The odd part was you could go at least 50 yards in all directions from this point. So where is the real point?



This was next to the sign. There is a trail below us that would be more to the east. *shrug*


More of the WWII bunkers.


I thought it was strange to see such large cannons near a lighthouse! But this was an armed post in WWII.


Searching on a rock reading my book with the almost lighthouse in the background. This is the new lighthouse installed circa 1940.


This is the original lighthouse. It is the oldest standing lighthouse in Newfoundland.


We explored the old lighthouse and learned a lot of the tasks kids had to do. These were yokes for hauling water from the well.


Mom found a VERY old book for cooking.


Mr Warre, aka Chris, was the lighthouse keeper and had us preform all the chores for  and with him.


He was part of our campfire last night and we had a great time with him today at the lighthouse. Mom just sat back and watched and laughed as we mad Chris singing moose alpaca again in front of the droves of people at the lighthouse.


The fog lifted a little and we could see the new lighthouse but it was roped off for maintenance so we couldn’t get too close.


We headed to a local park, Bowring Park, that we were told about by a parc Canada employee. There were lots of duck ponds, a splash pad, a HUGE playground and tons of pokestops! We had a great time running around and exploring.


This is a photo Mom took of her trying to catch real life swans with her poke balls. Sadly, it didn’t work.


This marbled pidgy was taunting us as well.


We gave up on Pokemon and played at the playground until we were exhausted. Mom was shocked we willing left our technology.




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